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First Food for babies.. Paushtik Aahaar

First Food for babies.. Paushtik Aahaar

Rice cereals are a popular choice of baby food preferred by new parents around the globe. With many parents switching to healthier alternatives, let's dig a little deeper and find which rice is a good option to introduce to the little bundles of joy?

The answer is simple and backed by nutritional facts , that Brown Rice is the most preferred rice cereal when solid food is introduced to babies. 

Why we ask? 

Well, to begin with Brown Rice is rich in natural nutrition and fibre. 

Have look below at the nutritional profile

Calories: 216
Carbs: 44 grams
Fiber: 3.5 grams
Fat: 1.8 grams
Protein: 5 grams
Thiamin (B1): 12% of the RDI
Niacin (B3): 15% of the RDI
Pyridoxine (B6): 14% of the RDI
Pantothenic acid (B5): 6% of the RDI
Iron: 5% of the RDI
Magnesium: 21% of the RDI
Phosphorus: 16% of the RDI
Zinc: 8% of the RDI
Copper: 10% of the RDI
Manganese: 88% of the RDI
Selenium: 27% of the RDI

Brown Rice is said to have Zero Cholesterol and is full of micro nutrients.

Another reason for Brown Rice to be a preferred choice is because it is rarely a cause of allergic reactions in babies and is generally safe for them.

Swipe down and try this easy and interesting recipe you would love your baby to try: 


*For up to 6 months old babies (Or who still need runny textured solids)

  • 1/2 Tbsp brown rice
  • 120g seeded, skinned pumpkin (approx. 100g steamed pumpkin)
  • 1 cup water

Wash/rinse Khaas Brown rice. Soak it in some water for 2 hours minimum. Drain the water after soaking.

While waiting, wash, cut and peel the skin of the pumpkin. Steam it on a boiling pot until it is cooked (20 to 25 mins). It can be quicker if the pumpkin is chopped thinner and smaller

Add the rice, steamed pumpkin and the water into a blender then blend it. (1 to 2 mins)

Pour the mixture into a small pot then boil it on high heat for 2 mins. Reduce the heat to low then simmer for 5 mins. Stir constantly while simmering.

Sieve the boiled porridge. (Discard what is left on the sieve).

Cool it down  for 10 to 20 mins then serve it (or distribute among pre-portioned containers for later consumption).

Happy Meal-time to the baby !