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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes

For Prawn Marination
▢ 500 g Prawns (cleaned and de-veined)
▢ ½ cup Yogurt (whisked well)
▢ 1 tbsp Kashmiri Red Chilli powder
▢ ½ tsp Turmeric powder
▢ 3-4 Green Chillies ( slit)
▢ ¼ cup Fried Onions (birista)
▢ 2 tsp Garam Masala powder
▢ 1 tbsp Garlic Paste
[3:23 pm, 23/01/2023] Madhuri: ▢ ¾ tbsp Ginger Paste
▢ 1 tsp Coriander powder
▢ 1 inch Cinnamon stick
▢ 4 Cardamom
▢ 4 Cloves
▢ 5-6 Black peppercorns
▢ ¼ tsp Mace (crushed)
▢ ¼ tsp Nutmeg (grated)
▢ 1 tbsp Oil
▢ Juice of 1 lemon
▢ Salt to taste

To Cook Prawn
▢ 1 Onion (large sized, finely sliced)
▢ 1 Tomato (large sized, sliced)
▢ ¼ cup coriander leaves (chopped)
▢ 2 tbsp mint leaves (chopped)
▢ 3 tbsp Oil
For Rice
▢ 2 cups India Khaas Basmati Rice (washed and soaked for 30 mins.)
▢ 1 bay leaf
▢ ½ tsp lemon juice
▢ ½ tsp Caraway Seeds (Shajeera)
▢ 1 inch Cinnamon stick
▢ Salt
▢ 2 Oil
▢ Water as required
For Layering:
▢ ¼ cup Fried onions
▢ generous pinch of saffron (soaked in 2 tablespoons of milk)
▢ 2 tbsp Ghee

Marinating Prawn
1. In a large bowl, combine all the ingredients well. Add prawns, mix. Cover and allow it to marinade for 30 mins under refrigeration.
Cooking The Prawn
1. Heat 3 tbsps of oil in heavy bottom pan. (we will slow cook the biryani in same pot, so choose the one with tight fitting lid).
2. Then, add sliced onions and fry until just starts picking up golden colour.
3. Add bay leaf and sliced tomatoes and sauté on high heat for another minute.
4. Then, add marinated prawns and and mix. Cook on high heat for minute and then low heat for 3 minutes. Do not add any water and do not over cook the prawns.
5. Add coriander leaves and mint leaves and mix.
Boiling Rice
1. In a large pot, add enough water. Add bay leaves, oil, lemon juice, shazeera and salt. Bring it to a boil.
2. Add India Khaas Basmati and cook until the rice is 70% done.
Layering The Prawn Biryani
1. Now, top the prawns with fried onions. When the rice is 70% done, using a large colander or slotted spoon take out the rice and layer it evenly over the prawns layer.
2. Sprinkle the melted ghee over the rice layer.
3. Sprinkle the saffron water and cover the pot with the tight fitting lid.
4. Place the pot over a high flame and cook for 5-7 minutes.
5. Place hot tava/griddle below the pot and keep it for Dum(slow cook) for another 10-12 minutes.
6. After 15 minutes, switch off the heat and leave as it is for 10 minutes.
7. After 10 minutes, open the lid, dish out yummy hot prawn biryani and serve with raita of your choice.